Social Content Editing

Day Dreams media has expertise in creating high quality content specifically formatted for social media. Hayden has spent the past two years working as an editor for Red Bull Media House as a part of their Social Content Team. Through this opportunity  she has worked on dozens of projects in extreme sports across multiple social platforms.

Live Music

Day Dreams Media offers customized services to artists and music production companies looking to promote their events and showcase their talent. In a society that currently relies on digital marketing, it is important for individuals in the music industry to have a strong online presence in order to promote themselves on a larger scale. High quality photos and videos create a visual experience for the consumer while driving ticket sales to concerts and music festivals around the country.

Product Promotion / Lifestyle

Day Dreams media creates unique promotional content tailored to fit the client’s vision. Whether it’s  fashion, lifestyle or product promotion, we work closely with our clients throughout the entire creation process. Day Dreams Media ensures the final deliverable and service is everything the client envisioned and more.

Events / Promotions

Day Dreams media has experience capturing everything from corporate events to annual celebrations. Whether our clients are seeking content for promotional use or moments that will last a lifetime, we aim to capture each event in its best light.

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial cinematography introduces an entirely new perspective into the world of film and photography. Incorporating drone shots in projects brings a higher level of production to each of our clients.

Real Estate

When searching for the perfect home, buyers are expecting an inside look of each property now more than ever. Day Dreams Media provides high quality photos and videos to Real Estate agents seeking to highlight the features of  each listing. Virtual tours inside of the home in combination with aerial shots of the entire property gives buyers the ultimate visual experience.

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