Social media has become the ultimate platform for celebrities, public figures and brands to connect and engage with their audiences.

In a world inundated with staged and overly curated content, it’s the raw and authentic UGC style moments that truly captivate digital communities. Fans crave meaningful connections with the people and brands they admire. Day Dreams specializes in capturing genuine moments that bring your personality to life.

We believe that the journey behind the scenes is just as captivating as the final product. That’s why we specialize in capturing and creating BTS content that brings your larger projects and productions to life.

We seamlessly blend into your team, becoming a trusted presence that documents each step of the process while respecting the integrity of your work. Whether it’s the excitement of brainstorming sessions, the intense rehearsals, or the magic of on-set interactions. We’re there to capture it all.

Our team is dedicated to showcasing the entire creative process in an engaging way, specifically formatted to translate seamlessly to vertical platforms and digital communities.

We have a passion for capturing the energy, excitement, and essence of live events. Whether it’s for promotional purposes, recap videos, or social media highlights, our team will document every aspect of your event in the most compelling and authentic way.

We understand the power of real-time social coverage in today’s digital age. Our team is skilled in providing real-time updates, sharing captivating moments, and engaging with your audience as the event unfolds. Through social media takeovers, we become an extension of your brand, cranking out short-form assets that captivate viewers and keep them immersed in the experience.


We understand that post-production is where the magic truly happens. With a decade of editing experience, we take pride in our ability to transform your raw footage into a captivating piece of content.

No matter the scale or genre of your project, we work closely with you throughout the editing process, ensuring that your unique voice and storytelling preferences shine through in the final product.